120-Page Monster

by Alan McCoy

Apr 11

Local Comics Shops and The Comixology/Amazon Deal

When I heard about Amazon’s acquisition of Comixology, I was initially excited. My favorite online comics source now has an amazing retail engine behind it and will hopefully be able to offer some fantastic benefits to their loyal customers.

But I love, love my local comics shop, Local Heroes. So, knowing the sheer breadth of Amazon’s reach, the deal also left me with the sinking feeling that Comixology’s pull-list-to-LCS functionality would go away in favor of sourcing printed issues solely from Amazon. So I asked Comixology’s CEO David Steinberger:

To which he promptly replied:

Kudos to Comixology for continuing (hopefully for good) to recognize local shops as the best avenue to support your favorite comics creators.

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    Man, the amount that I love buying digital comics from Comixology is really only matched by the amount that I hate...
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    I just wanted to reblog because that’s my local comic shop, too
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